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Spotlight: Revisiting Spanish to English Translator, Jamie Hartz: What She’s Up to Now

We are pleased to share a different kind of Spotlight article. This time around, we are following up on a previous Spotlight article about Ms. Jamie Hartz, who went from entering the field as an LSC intern several years ago, to opening her own business and working as a dedicated linguist. Read more about Spotlight: Revisiting Spanish to English Translator, Jamie Hartz: What She’s Up to Now

LSC Attends 1st Mid-Atlantic Medical Interpreters Meeting

This past Saturday, October 1st, LSC attended the 1st Mid-Atlantic Medical Interpreters Meeting at Christiana Hospital in Newark, DE. The event brought about 50 medical interpreters together from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland for a program that included topics such as, “Ethical Challenges for Medical Interpreters” and “Latest Developments in the National Certification Process for Medical Interpreters.” It was an all-day session with 5 different topics and speakers. The format allowed for engaging question and answer sessions after each presentation. This resulted in a fast-paced and highly informative day. Read more about LSC Attends 1st Mid-Atlantic Medical Interpreters Meeting

LSC Attends 2016 East Coast Interpreters and Translators Summit

LSC was proud to be a gold sponsor at this year's Summit at La Salle University. Congratulations to the DVTA and La Salle for making it a truly great event. The sessions we attended were informative and well presented, the meeting area was large and comfortable, and the provided lunch was delicious. Most important was our getting the opportunity to meet with many linguists from the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as Allentown, York, New York, and Washington, DC. We hope to hear from
those of you who attended but may not have had a chance to stop by our table. Read more about LSC Attends 2016 East Coast Interpreters and Translators Summit

LSC Welcomes Lauren Cammenga

We welcome Lauren Cammenga, who has just joined LSC for a one-month internship. Lauren is a second-year student at Kent State University in Ohio and is pursuing an MA in Translation. Before that, she attended American University in Washington, DC and majored in Russian Language and Area Studies. In 2011-12, she spent a year abroad in Russia, where she studied Russian at Moscow International University. All classes were taught in Russian, which made it a great experience for her. Lauren adds, “I never could have reached my current level of Russian proficiency without having studied in this type of immersion program.”

  Read more about LSC Welcomes Lauren Cammenga

Multilingual Translation on Facebook

Here is an interesting article about the future of multilingual messaging on Facebook. The social media platform will now automatically translate users’ posts into 44 different languages! This is a huge step toward making content available to more speakers around the world. However, it's always important to keep in mind that machine translation can contain errors that would not occur in human translations. At LSC, we are committed to always using the highest quality processes for translation and interpreting. We’d be interested in your comments – please stay in touch!

Read more about Multilingual Translation on Facebook


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