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Educational Services

LSC serves as a vital link to ensure that all student and parent/school communication is consistently clear and effective, as schools and colleges respond to the special needs of students and their families with limited English proficiency.

LSC facilitates communication with services in over 85 languages. We can help in the following ways:



  • Quickly translate written correspondence from school to home and back, from one-page letters to larger projects such as handbooks, procedural safeguards, and student pamphlets.

  • Provide on-site (face-to-face) interpreting services during IEPs (Individualized Education Plans), ERs (Evaluation Reviews), parent-teacher conferences, and disciplinary meetings. We can even be present during student testing and evaluations to help the school accurately gauge the student’s level of academic knowledge by minimizing any language barriers that may exist. 

  • Offer telephonic interpreting on occasions when an emergency arises or an in-person meeting may not be necessary, such as when a faculty member needs to make sure that something is communicated quickly and accurately to a student and/or parent.

  • Provide proofreading and editing, in addition to cultural competency and diversity training.


Please contact LSC for information about pricing and/or scheduling.

Our professional staff is fully trained. All services are strictly confidential.


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