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Language Assessment Testing (LAT)

LSC's Language Assessment Testing Program (LAT) is designed to measure language proficiency of bilingual/multilingual staff or job candidates within a company or organization. LSC provides expert language training professionals to test and evaluate all individuals in both their source (native) and target (second +) languages.

LSC's LAT Program aims to help employers to ensure that multilingual staff positions are filled by the most qualified individuals. It takes the guesswork out of hiring staff for positions in which languages not necessarily spoken by management will be used. It also keeps the evaluation and determination of proficiency levels as objective as possible by using our own LSC language experts as the administrators and graders of all tests given.

Benefits of this LSC service include:

  • Written and oral tests with LSC evaluation and assigned proficiency levels

  • Easy and time-saving testing methods, completed within one hour

  • Test levels available for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Superior

  • Customization available to evaluate special areas of interest or expertise

  • Competitive pricing and group rates available

Please contact LSC for information about pricing and/or scheduling.

Our professional staff is fully trained. All services are strictly confidential.



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