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LSC Projects


LSC specializes in translation and interpreting services in more than 85 languages. We have a wide and diverse client base, and have recently completed the following types of projects:
  • Patents, journal articles and packaging literature for a pharmaceutical company.

  • Interpreting for area hospitals and HMO’s, including on-site, telephonic, and home visits.

  • HMO printed materials such as member handbooks, service descriptions, and informational brochures.

  • Translations and video voiceovers for infomercials into Portuguese and Spanish for South American television broadcasting.

  • Intercultural training for local HMO providers on cultural issues in health care.

  • Translation of informational and educational brochures on health issues for city health department.

  • Technical documentation translations, proofreading and editing projects.

  • Translation of public relations letters into Spanish for a major film studio.

  • Interpreting for state Public Welfare Hearings.

  • Translations, interpreting, testing, and assessments for area school districts.

  • Translation of parent/student handbook and correspondence.

  • Translation of industry-specific standards, regulations, and agreements.

  • Interpreting at web-based presentations on technical and scientific processes.

  • Translation of surveys, modules, and training materials on human resources.

  • Editing of press releases, ad copy, marketing information and technical documentation for English-speaking regions outside the US, including UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

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