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Translator & Interpreter Testimonials

I have worked as an interpreter for LSC for the past several years and have had a great experience.  The staff at LSC is very professional and pleasant.  As an interpreter, one of the most important things to me is timely communication and coordination of assignments.  This is something at which LSC excels, they always provide me as much notice as possible for new assignments or changes, and are always available if I have any questions.  I really enjoy working with LSC and look forward to our continued collaboration."

Russian Interpreter


As an interpreter, it has been 7 rewarding years working for a company that is fully committed to customer service in dealing with clients and interpreters. LSC also adheres to high interpretation standards. The management at LSC has always been very supportive in helping me reach my professional goals."


Spanish Interpreter


I have been an active member of the LSC interpreting team for 13 years. This company has the integrity, the ethics, and the professionalism sought by any professional in this field. The sense of pride to be part of this team cannot be measured. The one word I would use to define LSC is…efficient!"


Portuguese and Spanish Interpreter


I have been working with LSC for 8 wonderful years.  I feel that I have grown in my professional career with them.  The whole team at LSC is kind, caring and a joy to work with.  They make me feel like a part of the family.  I really do think the world of LSC and respect them immensely.  I wish them all the best, because they are the best."

Arabic Translator



It has been a great pleasure working for LSC during the last ten years. They are not just another agency, they are part of my team. The project managers are always there for me and we have an open line of communication. They really value their translators and interpreters. I look forward to another 10+ years working with LSC."

Spanish Translator & Interpreter


I have been working for LSC since 2004. I really enjoy collaborating with this agency because it has provided professional support, the management team values and respects its translators and interpreters, and provides a very friendly team work environment for me and others. I believe LSC will have a future full of promise due to its mission and resources."

Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese Interpreter


I have worked on many projects for LSC during the last 12 years in Hindi and other Indian languages. The project managers are highly professional, and their instructions are always clear. They are ready to help when needed and this makes me feel a part of the team. The payments are on time. Therefore, I cherish the excellent collaboration. I highly recommend working with LSC."

Translator of Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati,
and other Indian Languages


I have been collaborating with this favorite client for over ten years and look forward to many more. LSC is the kind of company that puts translators and interpreters at the top of their priority list. They are courteous, professional and never late with payments. LSC is always there for me and they know that they can count on me!"

Spanish Translator & Interpreter


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